Public Beta


Welcome to Public Beta! I know what you’re thinking…

But before I forget, let me introduce myself, I’m a first-generation Indian-Canadian woman, VC, and an ardent shahi paneer and garlic naan aficionado. In this lifetime, I aspire to build a bookshelf that spans an entire wall in my living room, recite the entire dialogue from all the Harry Potter movies (I’m getting there), and leave the world an incrementally better place than when I came in.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to why you’re actually. here.

Public Beta is the product of an impulsive decision at 2 am one night when I couldn’t sleep and spent 2 hours staring at a wall. I am fundamentally *always* a work in progress with ever-evolving opinions, perspectives, and analyses that I’ll be exploring here. At its core, Public Beta will be a collection of essays with evolving perspectives about geopolitics, socio-economic issues, human behavior, history, and occasionally, Silicon Valley. The honest truth is that this might also change because I don’t really have a plan here, so I’m just gonna wing it and see how it goes. You can imagine how exciting this must be for someone who never does anything without getting slightly neurotic about it.

So here’s the thing, I can’t promise that you’ll like it but I CAN promise that it won’t all be about venture capital. Because seriously, the world doesn’t need any more of that.

If any of this strikes your fancy, I’d love to have you join the ride by clicking on the subscribe button below. Your inbox is precious real estate so I’ll do my best to not write dumb shit.

First post coming soon.

-Pranavi (@pranc_)

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